Light Therapy Sessions

Experience Pain Relief in a Relaxing Therapy Session

Please call or use the contact page to arrange for a therapy session in Tucson.

Your first session will include filling out a little background paperwork. You will discuss your areas of concern with the therapist and the placement of the light therapy pads.


Many clients enjoy lying in an anti-gravity chair or recliner but upright chairs or a massage table are additional options. You are fully clothed for the session. Several pads will be placed on the body and some may be held in place by velcro strips. The light is soothing. When the pads are placed upon you, they will emit a mild heat. Appointments generally last about 30 (20 minutes of Light Therapy) or 60 minutes (40 minutes of Light Therapy). Sessions are private. Children also benefit from light therapy.


Your job is just to sit back and relax, enjoy the comforting light and soothing music while the specially modulated lights do their job. When you get up from your session, stretch and observe for changes in the way you feel. Many report that painful issues have greatly subsided or even disappeared by the end of the session. Others will see pain lessen over the next few hours. Evaluate pain levels on a 1-10 scale before therapy and immediately after as well as in the hours following the session. Less tension, a feeling of well-being and relaxation are also frequently reported. Observe closely over the following hours while the biochemical changes in your body continue to do their work and on the following day also looking for better quality sleep.



Pads are placed where therapy is needed.


Therapy sessions are deeply relaxing. Anti-gravity chairs allow the body to be in a comfortable position without pressure points. In the above session several issues are addressed at once including Plantar Faciitis pain and Lower Back pain. A large pad was placed under the lower back. If therapy is administered in your home: a recliner or other comfortable chair or bed can be used. We also bring an anti-gravity chair.



Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. Light therapy devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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